The Disappearance of Pokémon Game Corners: PEGI’s Influence and Regional Changes



Introduction: Welcome to a detailed exploration of the mysterious vanishing act of Pokémon game corners, the casino-like attractions that once graced various Pokémon games. From their inception to their subsequent removal, we delve into the reasons behind this shift, focusing on PEGI’s influence and regional adjustments.

The Legacy of Game Corners: Pokémon game corners were a longstanding tradition, offering players a taste of casino-style games like 메이저사이트 within the Pokémon universe. These interactive spaces allowed players to try their luck with slot machines and win coins, which could be exchanged for valuable in-game prizes.

The Disappearance: Observant fans might have noticed the absence of game corners from Pokémon Black and White onwards. Even remakes like Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire saw the game corners closed down. In some instances, owners would hint at undisclosed reasons for these closures.

PEGI’s Role: A significant factor contributing to this trend is PEGI, the rating system used in many European countries. PEGI’s evolving guidelines required games with elements potentially encouraging or teaching gambling to receive higher ratings, starting from 12 years and up, or even 18+. Pokémon’s stylized slot machines were considered 메이저사이트 potentially problematic.

Rating Shifts and Changes: As a result of these new regulations, Pokémon games featuring game corners had to be rereleased with a PEGI 12 rating, contrasting with earlier versions rated 3+. This change was implemented around the time of Pokémon Platinum’s release, which had notable differences from its European version.

Alterations and Restrictions: The European version of Pokémon Platinum saw multiple changes, including the inaccessibility of game corner machines. Examining them led to text boxes or coin rewards, but the actual slot machine game was disabled. Gambling references were removed, and the building’s sign was altered to comply with 메이저사이트 PEGI’s guidelines.

Nintendo’s Response: Nintendo of Europe confirmed that the adjustments aimed to adhere to PEGI’s age rating guidelines regarding gambling. Players could still earn coins through alternative methods, but the actual slot machine experience was eliminated.

Redesigning for Western Releases: The situation evolved with Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. While the Japanese versions retained traditional slot machines, the Western versions transformed the game corner area to introduce Voltorb Flip. This new minigame resembled Minesweeper and addressed PEGI’s concerns.

The Future and Regional Considerations: The game corner’s removal was likely influenced not only by PEGI but also by diverse regional gambling laws. South Korea’s gambling regulations necessitated alterations as well. The potential for high PEGI ratings and adherence to various international laws prompted Nintendo to remove these features globally.

Conclusion: The disappearance of Pokémon game corners was the result of evolving rating guidelines, specifically PEGI’s concerns regarding gambling content. Regional differences, legal considerations, and the desire to maintain lower age ratings contributed to the decision to remove these casino-like attractions from future games. Voltorb Flip’s introduction was a creative response that allowed for a more universally 메이저사이트 acceptable minigame experience.

As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen if changes in rating guidelines or further adjustments will prompt the return of game corners or similar features to the Pokémon series. Censored Gaming is committed to tracking these developments and sharing updates with the gaming community. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of 안전놀이터!