NO Mirror 메이저사이트 Baccarat Strategy

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what is going on everybody i should welcome  myself back to the 메이저사이트 baccarat channel i’ve been away   and i haven’t posted a video in a long  time and that is because i ran into some   minor health issues yeah it caught me  by surprise as well because i’m only 35   so i wanted to take a break from everything i  don’t want to get into the details but i will   say that i am good i’m okay and for those  of you who sent me emails and left comments   checking up on me shout outs to you guys okay  i appreciate every single email and comment   so thank you everybody who supports me supports  my channel i wanted to give you guys an update   to where i was but now i’m back to make more  videos for you guys so let’s get right into it let’s get back into our compound interest  challenge we left off on session 20 with   a balance of 530 dollars and 16 cents hopefully  that balance has gone up because i know bitcoin   has gone up and today i’m gonna show you two  strategies that i like to mix together and that is   the hong kong baccarat strategy and the no mirror  strategy if you don’t know how to play either the   hong kong baccarat strategy or the no mirror i  will leave links down in the description below   so make sure you guys go and check those out so  you’re not confused during my gameplay basically   it goes something like this so we’re gonna  start with the hong kong strategy we will record   the first five results because i am playing the  extended version and we will record the first row   following the first five results okay and then  we will be ready to play on row number two   our bet selection will be a no mirror based  on the hong kong baccarat strategy for example   take a look at row number one we have an x  check mark check mark x check mark so when   we place our bets we are basically betting  that row number two will not be a mirror   of row number one in other words it won’t be  the same as row number one okay so take a look   at our first result on row number one it is  an x so when we place a bet we will place a   bet on the check mark on the following row why  because we are betting that our row won’t be the   same as the previous row and if we lose we will  continue betting opposite of the previous row   and when i win i will also continue betting  because i will play this continuously normally for the no mirror 메이저사이트 casino security i like to go for one hit per column  but for this video i will play it continuously   just so i can give you guys more action now let’s  go back to our compound interest spreadsheet   i am playing session number 21 our unit size will  increase to nine dollars and we are looking for a  메이저사이트 balance of 557 dollars which means we have to make  around 27 dollars for session number twenty one   what about our money management betting strategy  i will be going with the simple flat bet   now you can make flat betting work as long as  you set a win goal and stop loss so we will   simply be flat betting our unit size which is nine  dollars for this session my win goal will be three   units and my stop loss will be three units nice  and simple we’re either gonna be up three units or   down three units some of the conservative players  will enjoy this because their risk and reward is   the same you’re not risking a whole bunch of money  to win little amount right we’re either gonna be   up three units or down three units if we hit our  win goal we will exit the shoe if we hit our stop   loss we will also exit the shoe okay let’s go  okay here we are we have a balance of 539.

19 so a little higher than where  we left off thanks to bitcoin rising i’m gonna find a fairly  new table and get started i am on speed bachara h we have our first four  results so let’s go ahead and write those down player player banker player i  am playing the extended version   okay and we get a banker so now what we  are going to do is wait for the first   row to be completed and then we will play a no  mirror the following row okay so i’m going to go   ahead with the x’s and check marks on this row  and then we will get our bet selection started since we got a player i put check  mark for player because it matched   our five pattern here and as mentioned before  if you don’t know how to play the hong kong   baccarat strategy check the link in the  description so you know what i’m doing okay roll one is almost complete just a quick tip  we already know that we’re going to be betting   on banker because i’m betting against the check  mark here okay so i’m going to have my banker bet   ready to go right after this freehand all right  and since we’re flat betting it’ll just be our   unit size for this session so nine dollar units  i’m gonna record this and put a bet on banker   okay player wins that is an x here we go i’m  looking for the x here so nine dollars on banker since we’re up a little bit on our balance  i’m only looking for two units here   okay so my wind goal will be two units and  our stop loss will keep it at three units okay banker wins we do get an x  i am playing it continuously   so i’m looking for the check mark here  which means i’ll place a bet on player why because take a look at the  row above it is an x and since   we’re playing no mirror i’m looking for  the check mark here opposite of the x and i forgot to write down  nine dollars that’s our win okay perfect there we go we win that as well  check mark you can see that the no mirror worked   out perfectly for this shoe we won our first  two results and remember our win goal was 557   close enough as we are at 556.

메이저사이트 table speed baccarat

let’s go okay let’s find another table speed 메이저사이트 baccarat slot machine n I’m gonna clear this okay let’s jot down what we have so far banker banker banker player let’s wait for our five patterns and then I will record the first row and then we’ll start betting on the following row okay guys row one is complete I’m gonna be betting on the check mark here so my first bet will be on banker okay as you can see there’s a b for bank up here and row number one displayed in x so since we’re playing no mirror I’m looking for the check mark here that is why my bet is on banker we lose that bet we get another x minus nine looking for the x here so I will place my bet on player remember we are flat betting looking for plus three our stop loss is minus three our win goal for this session is 5.

85 okay we pick up that win we get an x   all right looking for the x once again so let’s keep the bet on the player okay we do get the x another plus nine looking for the x once again but this time I have to move my bet over to banker since it’s showing a  p for a player here and we get a check mark so if I’m looking for the x this would have to be wrong which is why I have my bet on banker okay we do pick up the x plus nine looking for a checkmark here so I’ll keep my bet on banker at plus two right now so if we win this we would hit our plus three win goal for the shoe perfect check mark plus nine and there we go we are at plus three take a look at our balance 582.

84 so I’m gonna go ahead and exit the table okay guys let’s remember our balance is 582.84 I know it’s off by a couple of dollars but we don’t mind we’re not gonna stress over a couple of dollars here and there I’m gonna pull up the spreadsheet okay 582.

84 session number 22 in the books let’s check out what we need to do for session number 23.   we will slightly increase our unit size to ten dollars looking for a balance of six hundred and fourteen dollars which means we have to make around twenty-nine dollars for session number twenty-three let’s go okay guys let’s hop on over to speed Bakara I’m going to clear everything here first five results banker player okay let’s go ahead with the x’s and check marks on row one and then we will start betting for session number 23 looking for a balance of 614   as the first result is a banker resulting in a check mark okay guys first row is complete we’re ready to start looking for the x here so my first bet will be on a player we are at 10 units now for this session so looking for an x here okay we do get the x plus 10 I’m now looking for a checkmark so I will keep it on player perfect player wins check mark plus 10.

I’m looking for the x now which means we’re gonna keep our bet on a player because it’s showing bank up here and a checkmark so we’re playing no mirror looking for the x perfect we do get the x and just like that we’re at plus three we’re going to go ahead and exit the table all right guys a nice quick session take a look at our balance   612.

84 cents i’m gonna pull up the  spreadsheet okay 612 dollars 84 cents   session number 23 in the books and there you  have it sessions 21 22 and 23 hong kong baccarat   strategy combined with the no mirror we used flat  bedding as our money management betting strategy   and it worked out pretty well if you can win with  flat betting that means you have a pretty good bet   selection so just remember that because it is  tough winning with flat betting you have to be   patient and disciplined as long as you set your  win goal and stop loss you should be fine as   you guys saw my win goal was plus three and my  stop loss was minus -3 super simple we’re either   gonna go up three units for the shoe or down  three units for the shoe if you’re conservative   you would like this let me know in the comments  below how you like combining these two strategies   and if you decide to try it out tell me your  results also in the comments below that is it   for this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to  smash the like button subscribe to my channel if   you’re new turn on bell notifications that way you  don’t miss any of my brand new uploads for all of   my sports bettors the nfl is back college football  is back baseball is heading into the playoffs soon   if you want all of my sports picks go to my  website MISTERRAFAEL.

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com thank you everybody for supporting  my channel by sending me emails and leaving comments I appreciate all of my supporters I am going to  keep going until we complete our compound interest   challenge everybody stay safe and stay healthy  and I will catch you in the next one ciao