How Often to Get a 마산출장마사지 Massage: A Guide for Optimal Muscle Health

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The question is: how often should I be coming in for a 마산출장마사지 massage, not me, but you? How often should you be coming for a massage? I want to make sure that you know the basics to help. You understand in greater detail how to use massage as a strategy to keep your body functioning optimally.

This question can have a simple and a longer more detailed answer, but we’re going to start with the simple one just to give you a general guide to help you with that understanding. So you want to hear the longer version make sure you subscribe and tap on that bell icon to get notifications when considering how often someone should get massage therapy.

That depends on one of two things. Is this a 마산출장마사지 massage for a muscular tune-up, or is it a massage therapy session that has a goal like when using medical, massage to avoid surgery or as a compliment to physical therapy or just managing your chronic muscular pains? This would be the best reason to get massage therapy at regular occurring intervals, taking out the factor of getting a massage to feel good like when you want to pamper yourself at a spa, there’s nothing wrong with getting a massage to feel good.

But that’s not why I made this video we’re talking today about anyone who wants to use massage as a tool to help them live a better life. I know that there are a lot of you out there that want that because you know something about a spa.

You feel good, it’s like having a beer, you don’t need to have a schedule. You know when to have a beer, but when it comes to car repair, that’s something you should keep on a schedule.

Massage 마산출장마사지 for tuning up your body is something that I recommend to everybody: who’s a human and has a body like the one I have. If you put your consciousness into a robot, maybe this doesn’t apply to you when, in good health, maintaining that health is of the utmost importance, because if not over time, the muscles stiffen they get knotted and then dysfunction happens those muscles and dysfunction.

If it’s not taken care of is going to lead to injury, which means you are no longer healthy and you’re going to have to do what I tell you in the next part of this video now, what I recommend for maintenance massage is based on what I’ve Learned in the science of recovery, massage therapy fitness, and the field experience, I’ve gained working with clients, ideally to keep those muscles moving healthy and functioning.

Well, then, you want to make sure that you get in for a massage therapy session around every six weeks or so give or take two weeks that is, if you’re sedentary to average in terms of your physical activity.

If you have a job, that’s physically demanding like construction, a martial arts instructor, or a massage therapist like myself, then I recommend that you need a massage around every two to four weeks or sometimes a bit more two to four weeks.

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but it’s what you need to do, so you don’t get injured in your physically demanding job. I mean in this reality. I ideally try to get a massage every other week just to keep my body in optimal condition.

Let me give you an idea of what I do around five days a week. I can massage people for about four to eight hours during that day, not straight but any day, and that’s, including a bike ride to the office normally and getting some strength training around three times a week.

It’s honestly how, in my 30s, moving into my 40s, I perform better and in less pain than guys who are 25 years old. It’s all about the proper maintenance to keep those muscles healthy and slow down the aches and pains you feel like you’re, getting from just being old by the way if you’re enjoying this content, don’t forget to press down on that like button and also make sure you Press subscribe – if you haven’t done so by now, and continue this fitness and wellness journey with me now getting 마산출장마사지 massage therapy to achieve a specific outcome or goal, then you’re going to have to be more dedicated and more consistent with the frequency of your massage therapy treatment Sessions when you fall into this category, it’s usually because you’re in physical therapy, physical therapy is great for injury recovery and avoiding surgery.

Exercise in physical therapy will strengthen weak muscles, but exercise cannot reduce scar, tissue, realign fascia, remove muscle knots and trigger points, or take the tension out of a chronically tight muscle.

Doing what I mentioned requires the use of a well-trained, massage therapist, who can provide a medical, massage therapy treatment. Sometimes your physical therapist might massage you, but their hours of education and massage are not even close to the massage therapy training your massage therapists have.

I’ve talked a massage there, a physical therapist in new york about their massage training, and they tell me at best they get a quarter to a third of one semester of training, while in new york, massage therapists, have multiple semesters learning about massage at the college level.

So when you combine the forces of physical therapy and massage therapy, that’s ideal and I’ve seen improved results from doing it. This way than just one modality alone, when massage therapy is combined with physical therapy, you usually have the physical therapy first in the day or the week, and then have your massage therapy session.

Ideally, in cases like this, you want to get a massage therapy session to complement the physical therapy. During that time frame, you want to get massage therapy once or twice a week. It might seem like a lot, but those are the results you need and you’re going to gain physical therapy, probably two to three times a week.

At least, I believe that it’s a great thing to combine modalities and create a multiplier effect. Maybe it’s because, as a boy, I grew up playing video games, but I really can’t appreciate the outcome that happens when you use multiplier effects.

Now, when you need 마산출장마사지 massage therapy to manage your chronic muscle pains, this can also be a time when you need to come in very frequently over a short period to create the results that you need.

You can follow this category for several reasons go over a, maybe it’s because in 2020, you had to stay at home and you weren’t moving you weren’t in your normal routines, so chronic pain and the muscles built up or you’ve been ignoring a Muscle ache for way too long and over time it’s gained strength or it’s and or it’s also made muscles in the local area, feel tight or you wake up same muscle, pain in the same area.

You know you know you’re not injured, but if you don’t do something about it, you’re going to get injured. These are cases where you got ta follow my orders, and what my orders are is that you come in once a week for three to six weeks consistently before going into a massage tune-up type schedule – and I say this because in some cases, a 90-minute or Even 120-minute medical massage is not going to get you 100 percent, get you like from 9 out of 10 in terms of pain to maybe a 5 out of 10 or 6 out of 10 in pain, but it’s because the muscle had too much time being dysfunctional.

It takes forever for it to undo, or you have too many spots that are related, that need specific care. So what you want to do is come in with that frequency in a short amount of time, so that we can progress those muscular imbalances and undo them, because if not it’s going to gain strength over time – and you do not want those muscular imbalances to have The opportunity to redevelop themselves because it took too long between sessions.

This is something that, when you do it, for those like three to six weeks, you’re going to have a whole new level of a healthier baseline, then from there you can go into a proper tune-up schedule. Now that you understand better how often you should come in for a 마산출장마사지 massage, if you think anyone could benefit from this video make sure you share the video with this person and help spread the knowledge in this video.